080210: Galerie Dana Charkasi – Plattform aktueller Kunst: Ben Washington – The Private Citizen

Galerie Dana Charkasi – Plattform aktueller Kunst: Ben Washington – The Private Citizen Serene splendour How is it possible that time and again we are confronted with moments in which something prompts us to never forget what we saw? This question may allegorize a protestant and sober desire for intoxication. After all, intoxication can change time, similar to the moment that claims to be remembered forever. There is drunkenness without a hangover, just like there are orgasms without sex - because the brain is a wonderful landscape, in which thousands of images appear - and one never knows when they appear. Whoever wants to view a new figure of beauty and mystery and the whispering of artefacts can - without any obligations and full of expectations - visit the Gallery Dana Charkasi - located in downtown Vienna, and admire the first solo exhibit in Austria of the London-based artist Ben Washington. In the first room of the “The Private Citizen” the viewer is greeted by the work “King of the Road”, a floating installation created in 2010. Can the road have a king? Can two heavy wooden boards linked by an iron arch, constructed with lots of blue braces, balance a palm tree with golden leaves and thereby exert majestic power? And since kings are mainly good for fairy tales, and the road is mainly good for cars: should we really wish for such a strange mixture? “The Private Citizen” (2009) is positioned in the second room, and the privacy of a citizen seems free of governance. A citizen’s privacy includes many things that are nobody’s business outside of the city apartment intoxication, for example, is not punishable, as long as one is not caught driving. The freedom of being confronted with a dignified brainteaser and the pleasure of its incomprehension in real life – is that what the intoxication of a private citizen could feel like? The individual parts of “The Private Citizen” are found and common, but torn out of their habit – an upholstered armrest, a golden-faceless animal figure, a sieve, into which blue colour was spilt, attached to the armrest with obscene orange-coloured, maybe shish kebab–sticks, and mounted on the wall with DIY-shelves. On the bottom of the sieve, and pointing sharply to the ground, there is a blue-blotted wooden pole construction, which is succinctly decorated in almost gothic arch squares. The object that is capable of all this is one whose proportions and happiness twitters like champagne bubbles on a powder light morning in May…. maybe. Something like this is unusual, and Ben Washington’s work is unusually unusual. And there are other objects, and a vast number of letters and dialogues and thoughts will be used to describe them. Because the predator’s flickering of objects never ceases when objects are united beyond their traditional language, and their whispering begins to painlessly purr in the brain. By Gesche Heumann Galerie Dana Charkasi – Plattform aktueller Kunst 1010 Vienna, Fleischmarkt 11/2, until 27.02.10 www.dana-charkasi.com

Galerie Dana Charkasi - Plattform aktueller Kunst
1010 Wien, Fleischmarkt 11/2
Tel: +43 1 532 10 29, Fax: +43 1 532 19 79
Email: office@dana-charkasi.com
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