180110: Galerie Stadtpark: Rainer Gamsjäger, Stefan Lux – Equation with N Unknowns

Galerie Stadtpark: Rainer Gamsjäger, Stefan Lux – Equation with N Unknowns Paradoxes of vision A this year’s winter exhibition at the Galerie Stadtpark in Krems examples of video works question realities conveyed by pictures. The artistic strategies present the seemingly familiar, which, at a closer look, turns out to be feigned. The video “Trifter 1” (2008), by the young Upper Austrian artist Rainer Gamsjäger, shows part of a forest as if it was filmed while passing or driving by. Suddenly the outlines of the forest become blurred, the trees topple horizontally and the forest floor reveals its interior. Gamsjäger dissected the film into 21 frames and devised a computer program, “which rearranges the vertical picture lines and thereby repositions the course of time into the space of the individual picture.” (Thomas Kroschil). The artist thereby nullifies the time dimension in the “motion picture” and transposes it into a spatial dimension. It is this picture cube, programmed by Gamsjäger, that we intently look at: while objects that are close seem compressed, those at a distance are stretched; a paradox develops. Stefan Lux’s works also deal with awareness for the paradox. The Viennese artist with German roots shows two small works depicting a cinematic still life. In “Display 2009”, a swinging shell strikes a piece of paper attached to the wall with a needle, which in turn transmits an impulse for a minute cinematic image. It deals with a brief film within the image, which was arranged on a wall and was likewise filmed as a synthesis of the arts with the shell and the pinned pictures. In Krems, Lux once again projects the video on the wall and attains something like a fictional authenticity of the picture. In the cinematic picture, the colours of heat, of summer, of desert, play an important role and remind of videos by Omer Fast. The fragility of the arrangement develops a charm of its own. Lux presents a similar arrangement with the video “Bild” (picture), in which a blue frog-like creature trembles its way across the wall in fleeting movements. Small needles mark the lines of motion of this amorphous blue figure like a map or a drawing. In reality, this is not a galvanic experiment but a blue blossom filmed floating on water, which Lux integrated into his video. Lux’s works are perceived as natural science studies, similar to the style of American or British natural science books. But in reality, both Gamsjäger and Lux’s works having nothing to do with nature. On the contrary: they show how technical calculations can change our view and ultimately manipulate and define it. A bulky, but remarkably courageous exhibition at the Galerie Stadtpark - worthwhile seeing. By Susanne Rohringer Galerie Stadtpark 3500 Krems, Wichnerstrasse, until 20.02.2010 http://www.galeriestadtpark.at

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