110110: MMKK Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten: Contemporary photography. New positions from Austria

MMKK Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten: Contemporary photography. New positions from Austria The next performance The photographs shown in the first room trigger a moral punch in the solar plexus: people in suits traversing a body of water, boat people floating on the sea, and detention rooms spread a feeling of oppression. The exhibit “Contemporary photography. New positions from Austria”, curated by Sylvie Aigner, commences with works by Borjana Ventzislavova, Lukas M. Hüller and Gisela Erlacher – and with the number one topic throughout Europe, thanks to right-wing parties such as the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ). Could it be that the venue of the exhibition – the capital of Carinthia – is the reason for the immediate confrontation with the topic, although the exhibition covers a much broader spectrum. Works by young artists who only recently graduated from art school are presented side by side with those by established colleagues. The common denominator of Nina Rike Springer’s ingeniously staged photographs and Anja Manfredi’s works is their interest in the theatrical. And Manfredi carries this to the extreme with her amusing as well as intense video, in which the artist repeatedly asks “Wo ish die näxte Perrrformance?” (Where is the next performance?) with a broad Tyrolean accent. Other works deal with nature (Jutta Strohmaier, Markus Guschelbauer, Robert F. Hammerstiel), urbanism and traffic (Hubert Blanz, Clemens Fürtler, Michael Inmann) or the value of painting in times of film and video (Gernot Fischer-Kondratovitch). The exhibition concludes with Therese Cassini ‘s installation in which she invites people to enjoy “light meals” (transparent food). While the search for a central theme remains futile, the exhibition manages to score by presenting artistic confrontations and lesser-known artists. Nevertheless, the selection of the participants could be described as rather inscrutable. By Nina Schedlmayer MMKK Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten 9020 Klagenfurt, Burggasse 8/Domgasse, until 31.01.10 http://www.mmkk.at

MMKK Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten
9020 Klagenfurt, Burggasse 8/Domgasse
Tel: +43 50 536 30 507
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Öffnungszeiten: Di-So 10-18 Uhr, Do 10-20 Uhr

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