141209: Kunsthaus Graz: Screening Real. Conner Lockhart Warhol / Warhol – Wool – Newman: Painting Real

Kunsthaus Graz: Screening Real. Conner Lockhart Warhol / Warhol – Wool – Newman: Painting Real Andy Warhol town This autumn’s highlight in Graz: a two-part exhibition with works by Andy Warhol, the 20th century star artist. Merging a Warhol-exhibition with contemporaneous works by artist colleagues as well as artists, who are still active today, is a successful endeavour. The ambition to rewrite art history, in an attempt to confirm Newman’s direct influence on Warhol’s works, is a strong one. “Screening Real” is integrated into the program of this year’s “Steirischer Herbst” and is worthwhile seeing. The videos by Sharon Lockhart, who stages the social environment of the working class in her familiar solid way, contrast the works by Bruce Conner and Andy Warhol. The evolution of film, respectively video, is shown in an artistic context. And how often does one have the opportunity to see Warhol’s films “Screen Tests” (1964-66), “Eat”(1964), “Sleep” (1963) and “Kiss” (1963)? The parallel show “Painting Real” presents an overview of Warhol’s early works - before the attempt on his life in 1968. The technique of silk-screen painting offered Warhol a wide spectrum of production possibilities. Works by Barnett Newsman and Christopher Wool are juxtaposed with those of Warhol. Newman’s large format paintings once roused excitement, and Wool’s Word Paintings visualize what is usually executed with print technology, but – when painted - attain a different meaning with respect to talent, art, and handicraft. By Nora Theiss Kunsthaus Graz 8020 Graz, Lendkai 1, until 10.01.10 http://www.kunsthausgraz.at

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