301109: Grazer Kunstverein: Provisional Yoga

Grazer Kunstverein: Provisional Yoga Evolution of the utility item The deliberations regarding the current exhibition at the Grazer Kunstverein started out with Adolf Loos, Soren Grammel pointed out; Loos, who demanded clarity in dealing with concepts of space, who found strong words for formal validities and who created a slogan with “ornament and crime” (1908); a slogan, to which he is often reduced. Further deliberations concentrated on Siegfried Kracauer, who was not an architect, but who underlined the potential of ornament as a form of play. All of this resulted in the not really tangible title of the exhibit, which refers to the unpredictable within defined sequences. The invited artists deal with diverse forms of design-, furniture-, architectural or sportive elements. These underlie certain moments of misappropriation, are detached from their original context, respectively from general disassociations, something that is more or less appealing. Henning Bohl shows how a strong impact can be achieved with simple means: 16 foldable conference tables form a sculpture by being set up in different variations. Fabrics interseason designed a series of furniture with original transformations: the seat of the Stoke Tripp-Trapp highchair is fitted with Viennese netting, transforming it into a Thonet-Stoke. The room partition is made of construction fencing, the bed is upholstered with Raffia Superfine from Madagascar, and the curtain hangs limply from the ceiling instead of shielding the skylight windows. Sofie Thorsen’s “Tiere wollte ich auch nicht gestalten” (Nor did not want to design animals”) (2009) is both formally convincing and proves the artist’s extensive knowledge about architecture as well as her in-depth research regarding architectural sculpture of Viennese post-war buildings. Thorsen detaches them from their ambience and presents them in a slide show, and displays sketches that take up the structure of the façade, reduce the line, and mirror all this in a clear form. By Nora Theiss Grazer Kunstverein 8020 Graz, im Palais Thinnfeld, Mariahilferstrasse 2, until 19.12.09 http;//www.grazerkunstverein.org

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