231109: artlounge Strabag Kunstforum: Jan Serych – Paramnesia

artlounge Strabag Kunstforum: Jan Serych – Paramnesia Existential and intellectual The first thing that catches ones eye at this exhibition is definitely the most important artwork displayed: black canvases with text fragments and a white dot in the middle, freely positioned in a row. The second thing that strikes ones’ attention is that these are completely enigmatic fragments of quotes and formulas. Step by step, while proceeding through the exhibition, the game of associations develops from one picture to the next. It all starts with the value of “Pi”, which is so important in physics, to arrive at the single white dot on the black plane, the indivisible – via the absolute zero of 0 K on the Kelvin scale (minus 273,15 degrees Centigrade). In addition to these physical and philosophical allusions, there is one reference to an art context, to Nam June Paik. But these associations have less in common with the conventional definition of fine arts as such, but are more of an intellectual game, a pleasure for viewers knowledgeable of philosophy, and at least semi-educated in the field of physics. But the aesthetic and visual pleasures, the charm of seeing, remain unfulfilled. With this work, seeing equals understanding, not viewing, as there is not much to be viewed. In contrast, the black and white canvases titled Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 offer a feeling that is close to pure aesthetic pleasure. Here, the effective composition stands out. This is by all means a charming, but rather reserved show by an artist, who deliberately reaches out to an extremely intellectual audience. By Wolfgang Pichler artlounge Strabag Kunstforum 1220 Vienna, Donau-City-Strasse 9, until 04.12.09 http://www.strabag-kunstforum.at

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