231109: PalaisProject: Robert Majkut, Will Alsop

PalaisProject: Robert Majkut, Will Alsop Border violation Originally, Lukas Feichtner’s Palais Project in the Palais Breuner in Vienna’s Singerstrasse focussed on Asian art. But these days co-financing through art collectors has become increasingly difficult and the gallery owner decided to go for a more open concept. Until December 15, the gallery presents itself as the design palais Vienna and centres on the creative process in general, devoted the boundaries between art, architecture and design. The renowned British architect Will Alsop visualized his perceptions of the creative design process with a huge installation. For the planning of two new college campuses in Glasgow he not only offered the users of the building the opportunity to verbalize their perceptions and ideas in interviews, he also enabled them to visualize these ideas in a draft sketch. Elements of the interviews as well as the sketches were later integrated into the planning process - all documented and presented on small screens. A beautiful example for the interaction among planers and users, and an introduction into the architect’s world of thought, who, by the way, this summer announced that he, from no on, was planning to devote himself to painting. But since the beginning of November he went back to his architectural world and is now cooperating with the British architects RMJM, with offices in Europe, Asia and the USA. In the second part of the exhibition, the Polish designer Robert Majkut, who is well known in Poland for his spectacular shop designs, questions the process of object design. However, to a large extent his aim to open the boundaries between art and design remains unfulfilled. The large-scale graphic, representing the starting point for a table design is too strongly linked with its digital origins, and the application of the graphic to a specially designed table does not transgress the border between object design and art, something which is obviously easier to overcome through an artist’s approach. By Werner Rodlauer PalaisProject 1010 Vienna, Singerstrasse 16, until 15.12.09 http://www.palaisproject.com

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