121009: Galerie Lang Wien: Othmar Zechyr – Drawings from three decades

Galerie Lang Wien: Othmar Zechyr – Drawings from three decades Of erratic blocks and other compressions The compression of lines and streaks – mainly made with a China ink quill -, the play with planes and the imaginary space on paper are the characteristics of these works. They also prove how important it is for the artist to take up space, fill out space, and to be perceived; delicately and quickly set lines show natural monuments – heaps or chunks, as well as fantastic architectures. His drawing always include grown and never constructed forms and figures, and - similar to the way these objects seem to have developed out of the act of drawing - his entire artistic creativity seems to have developed out of his life. His works clearly show that he did not lead a particularly fulfilled and happy life, yet they also always include a playful lightness, especially regarding the style in which he sets the lines. Zechyr’s Upper Austrian origin and the rugged beauty of the region as well as his “career” in various approved schools coined the artist, all of this becomes apparent in the China ink drawing “Vorchdorf”. The work conveys the humid coolness of the autumn, after the fields have been ploughed. His works speak a rugged language; one that takes time getting used to, and one that only someone with his biography and origin can have. That his works are convincing even 13 years after his death lets one hope, that they will find their place in art history and will not fall into oblivion again. By Wolfgang Pichler Galerie Lang Wien 1010 Vienna, Seilerstätte 16, until 15.11.09 www.kunstnet.at/lang-wien

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