121009: Schloss Esterházy: Phenomenon Haydn and Haydn Explosive

Schloss Esterházy: Phenomenon Haydn and Haydn Explosive Diversely attractive “My language is understood throughout the entire world”, the composer Joseph Haydn once said. Both exhibitions: “Phenomenon Haydn” and “Haydn Explosive”, marking the 200th anniversary of the composer’s death with a both multifaceted and unique appreciation of the artist’s work at the Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt. “Back to the past. Into the contemporary” describes the first impression of the exhibitions. Throughout “Haydn Explosive” one encounters the artist, who reflects on the development of art with a historical burning glass. Franz West’s “Paukenschlag” (beat of the drum) flanks the walls of the palace’s Sala Terrana (Italian for ‘ground floor saloon) with paintings of historically relevant personalities. In her installation “Guernica”, Gelitin deals with the upside-down world in the House of Moods. Haydn’s creations were often sneered at and considered to be entertainment for the higher and decadent society. “Guernica” questions this in a cunning and subtle way. Günter Brus’s etching “Stillstand der Dynamik” (standstill of dynamics) represents the social circumstances – following the motto: “leave everything as it is.” “Phenomenon Haydn” devotes itself to the private life and work of the virtuoso. The rooms, venues for the personal representation of his clothing, the notes, instruments and furniture are in the centre of the classically curated exhibition. This ambience is accentuated by Carl Schütz’s copper engravings, Jakob Phillip Hackert’s etchings, and by Paul Contantijn La Fargue’s painting “Zwei Ansichten von Leiden” (two aspects of suffering) and by a golden centrepiece resembling an ostrich. The key moment of both presentations lies in their adjustment of the chronological sequence. One can see that the person Haydn “functions” just as well today in the exhibition of the Esterházy Palace as it did the day before yesterday. By Alexander Lass Schloss Esterházy 7000 Eisenstadt, until 11.11.09 www.schloss-esterhazy.at

Schloss Esterházy
7000 Eisenstadt,
Tel: +43-2682-719-3112, Fax: +43-2682-719-3113
Email: management@schloss-esterhazy.at

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