280909: Galerie Gerersdorfer: Berliner Luft – Bianca Regl. Robert Muntean

Galerie Gerersdorfer: Berliner Luft – Bianca Regl. Robert Muntean Fascinating comparison They could not be more different, the paintings by the two Viennese artists who both live in Berlin. One of them subjective, painting expressively in a subtly reserved manner as in the large-format painting “sub-rosa-2”, the other one brash and bright, citing fragments of our modern everyday life, such as the sticky-sweet and artificial tasting gum cherries on huge canvases. Both of them paint, paint with oil on canvas, paint - among other things - people, yet the impressions these paintings leave is profoundly different. Lonely and withdrawn figures, dancing by themselves, in pastel colours, partially blurred and jotted down by Robert Muntean. His new, nearly abstract works such as “tremens” (2009), present an interesting new facet of the young artist. Bianca Regl, in comparison, always paints by the same formula on a strictly monochrome grounded canvas. Despite her accuracy of every detail of people and even more so of fruits and flowers, these paintings have nothing individual, but rather the stereotype ideal image of a raspberry or a young woman, like in the oil painting “Portrait 1”. By playing expertly with omissions and incomplete sections that have no effect on the meaning, these works prove how this artist works according to a formula. Yet her paintings of meat, depicting abstract, misshapen pieces of meat, are different. It becomes apparent that the artist had to paint her individual way to the object, as there are no suitable well-known works on similar topics available. And it is these kinds of paintings, which are barely recognizable as figurative, are the most impressive in the exhibition. By Wolfgang Pichler 1090 Vienna, Währinger Strasse 12, until 17.10.09 www.kunstnet.at/gerersdorfer

Galerie Gerersdorfer
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