130709: expositur: The Essence 2009

expositur: The Essence 2009 Transgressing boundaries The Essence is the descriptive title of the annual exhibition of the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, shown at the new venue: the expositur. Selections of individual and group works, all created last year, are presented. The manifold facets of the courses taught at the University of Applied Arts are displayed with works and projects in the fields of architecture, industrial design, fine arts, stage design, media design and restoration, and offer an extensive and diverse overview. Architecture is taught at three studios – each with a different main theme, displayed next to one another, concentrating on the duplicability of the developmental process. The Studio Prix, for example, is involved with a new type of skyscraper, which produces more energy than it consumes in its household. At the Institute for Industrial Design Fritjof Giese designed a life vest, which, despite being inconspicuous and very comfortable, ensures a simple handling and reliable safety aspects. Equally as elegant as the design is the aesthetic photographic depiction of the vest’s functionality. And the form of Patrycja Domanska’s “Sono Love” is similarly appealing. One could almost describe this sex toy for women, which is extremely versatile and individually applicable, as being beautiful. “Partying until the physician arrives” is the title of Sebastion Vonderau’s light installation. 49 neon lights are equipped with weak starters and without a plastic cover, inducing that each individual starter turns purple in an irregular rhythm during its incessant attempt to light up the lamp and the tube radiates white flashes. The light sculpture beams in an odd pattern. After a few days the starter exerts itself, and the lights go out. The work is a poetic ode to the waste of personal substance to attain reckless liveliness; this possibly being a metaphor for creative processes. With his “Techno Taktil”, Stefan Fahrngruber’s developed an instrument that enables to translate digital surfaces into impulses - based on their light intensity. In turn, by placing one’s finger on an area of 12 x 15 mm one senses these impulses. Fahrngruber created an alternative perception of digital content – a creation enabling visionary dimensions. The Essence shows the vast variety of expressive forms of art, and once again proves that definitions of boundaries and disciplines in art hardly have any validity; on the contrary – their transgression and linkage offers a creative potential. By Margareta Sandhuber expositur 1030 Vienna, Vordere Zollamtstrasse 3, until 15.07.09 www. digitalekunst.ac.at

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