130709: Kunstmuseum Basel: Vincent van Gogh – Between Earth and Heaven: The Landscapes

Kunstmuseum Basel: Vincent van Gogh – Between Earth and Heaven: The Landscapes Rewarding abundance Following last year’s van Gogh exhibition in Vienna - in which his paintings were set in contrast to his drawings - the Kunstmuseum Basel is now displaying another extensive exhibition of works by this artist, of whom many assume to already have seen everything. Nevertheless, it is rewarding to travel to Basel. According to Bernhard Mendes Bürgi, the director of the museum, the exhibition centres its attention on a new view of van Gogh’s landscapes and not on the legend enveloping the artist. The 70 landscape paintings presented in chronological order from 1883 to 1890, encompass all of his creative phases and stages of life. In one of the numerous letters to his brother Theo, he writes: “I am ploughing in my paintings (….), like the farmers on their fields.” Among the paintings, which were contributed by more than 50 collectors worldwide, are well-known works such as “Cypresses” (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) or the “Wheat Fields with Sheaves” (Honolulu Academy of Arts) as well as numerous works from private collections, which so far have rarely been exhibited. Van Gogh’s landscapes will most probably not be displayed again in this form and abundance in the near future. The exhibition unveils the inner tension, the pulsating excitement which constantly accompanied the artist and which he brought forward with his brush and paints. Landscapes not simply “copied” by van Gogh, but quasi re-created by his visionary view. The continuity of his search and the transformation of his works only become apparent by comparing the abundance of his variations. Over time, the dark, earthy and hazy tones were replaced by light, bright and contrasting tones. The presentation is accompanied by an exhibition of 40 landscape paintings of the Kunstmuseum Basel’s collection ranging from Claude Monet, Paul Signac, August Renoir, Paul Gauguin, and Paul Cezanne to Henri Matisse. Murielle Schlup Theocharis Kunstmuseum Basel 4010 Basel, St. Alban-Graben 16, until 27.09.09 www.kunstmuseumbasel.ch

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