130709: O.K. offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich: OK-Höhenrausch

O.K. offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich: OK-Höhenrausch Freedom beneath the clouds At times it gets drafty. Thrown, seated or positioned into the notorious rain in Linz. And windy, gusting over 50 km/h. And then again: at the mercy of the relentlessly burning sun at maximum height over the sunny urban canyons. Where the onlooker mutates into a roof vagabond on the city’s sundeck bathed in light and air. The “Höhenrausch” exhibition (high altitude euphoria) is a typical case of outdoor-extravaganza, which so far has attracted more than 50.000 visitors and is the most popular exhibit of the Linz09 event. The view includes the neighbourhood: the nearly completely burned down Ursulinenhof, the flat roofs of the Passage City Centre and the huge garage. Beneath the clouds, where freedom (of art?) is limitless. “Höhenrausch”, the final act of the trilogy “Art into the City!” explores and reveals the panorama of the roof landscapes of Linz in seven stations, the former “steel city” between Pöstlingberg and the VOEST-factory as a consumer friendly and folk festival-like installation with its urge towards entirety. After all: the city itself, and how it is perceived from above even by its resident tourists and without googling, is the actual star of the show. Among the works shown are Erwin Wurm’s conversation piece “Tell”, the laconic-absurd slapstick film by Roman Signerm, Og D’Souza as an overhead skater on his breathless hunt through the tilted breadths of the Sao Paulo Biennial (Shaun Gladwell), and Shih-Yung Ku’s kaleidoscopic fragmentation of the panoptical view. Co-starring: the signage and navigation system of the “Atelier Bow-Wow” – a huge and overpowering “branch”, a walk-in sculpture with a few daredevil overhangs offering extravagant views, imposed over the “Cultural Quarter Linz”; a wooden work of wonders - with catwalks and platforms and a “Ladder to Heaven”. Only topped by Linz09’s new testimonial: Maider López’ “High Wheel”. By Stephan Maier O.K. offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich 4020 Linz, Dametzstrasse 30, until 13.09.09 www.ok-centrum.at

OK Linz
4020 Linz, OK Platz 1
Tel: + 43 732 78 41 78, Fax: + 43 732 77 56 84
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