220609: layr:wuestenhagen contemporary: In Memory of Painting 2 /Rita Vitorelli

layr:wuestenhagen contemporary: In Memory of Painting 2 /Rita Vitorelli In memory of painting Following Franz Amann’s creations shown in the series “in Memory of Painting” are now Rita Vitorelli’s paintings. The exhibition series, in whose conceptualisation Vitorelli was involved, is accompanied by lectures and discussions. But does she still want to paint? The seemingly empty, large formatted pictures with their white or gray backgrounds show pale pencil drawings of hinted at objects, all of which are only fragmentarily painted-in with strong aquarelle-like colours. “O.T.” (2009) is the depiction of a chaotic and abandoned youth’s room, and two paintings from the series “Goutte d’Or” (2006), show the same scattered chaos with implied flowers in hinted at outer rooms. “Discarded objects are thrown down, often carelessly painted,” is Vitorelli’s formal counterpart for trash, perceived as a motif for a meaning- and careless party throwaway-society’s still life. Often, the objects are no longer clearly identifiable. The colour flecks only fill in the outlines of something, except for cans and bottles, which remain recognizable as such. Vitorelli does not even depict the objects with reduced lines; she abstracts them to such an extent that they lose their actual character. Only the way in which the amorphous items are arranged offers a hint regarding their meaning. Rita Vitorelli’s paintings are meta-cartographies of surroundings in highest entropy. She utilizes the style of the indeterminate inchoate to represent the dissolved reality in the midst of a large emptiness – nevertheless, the painting is complete, because – and that is the actual ingenuity of Rita Vitorelli’s works: they are full-fledged images of a setting as it is perceived, but not apprehended. By Renate Quehenberger layr:wuestenhagen contemporary 1010 Vienna, An der Hülben 2, until 25.07.09 www.layrwuestenhagen.com

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