220609: Startgalerie im Museum auf Abruf: Anjeza Cikopano – Bread, Salt, and Heart

Startgalerie im Museum auf Abruf: Anjeza Cikopano – Bread, Salt, and Heart Life on the brink of history Archaic as old sagas and oppressively realistic depictions of poverty, – these photos spontaneously throw one far back in time. Again and again one is reminded of Louis Bunuel’s “Land without Bread”, depicting “medieval” life in a Spanish mountain village in the 1930s. The artist, born in Albania in 1979, shows well composed and touching, yes - even shocking motives. The central theme of these photos is the fate of women, who live in a region in Northern Albania where the ancient customary law, the Kanun, is still in force. Although these women have practically no rights, the photos are not perceived as accusations, on the contrary – the women are presented with respect for their life situation and in their different contexts. The dignity radiated by these photos is effected through the cautiously designed image compositions, reminding of middle-class Western-European traditions. Alone through the display detail and the colouring scheme, the old woman sitting on the shabby sofa next to the simple brick-built fireplace reminds of representative depictions of wealthy middle class citizens of the 19th century. The only photo showing someone laughing emanates the emotion of touching beauty. The young woman’s face contrasts the drawn and dreary semblance of the other women. Not knowing anything – no names, no life stories - about her or any of the others, increases the effect of the pictures. But these impressive photos makes one wish for more information on this world at the brink of today and its inhabitants. By Wolfgang Pichler Startgalerie im Museum auf Abruf 1010 Vienna, Felderstr. 6-8, next to the city hall, until 09.08.09 www.musa.at/startgalerie

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