220609: Kunsthaus Nexus: Erwin Wurm – Rudolf Budja Collection

Kunsthaus Nexus: Erwin Wurm – Rudolf Budja Collection The antiquated smirk of sculptures Soothing and reassuring, not only at first inspection, and almost stimulating: an exhibition, which doesn’t force the visitor to play along or laugh: an exception – considering that Erwin Wurm is the puppet master. The compact sceneries of his mini-retrospective, currently shown at the Kunsthaus Nexus in Saalfelden, in Rudolf Budja’s (“the other” Salzburg Festival gallery owner) collection, lets Wurm perceive himself as having being raised to the indisputable status of a classical sculptor. And this is something that Wurm had always wanted to be perceived as. The exhibition deliberately omitted his concept-bearing works, whose sketched instructions demonstrate the theme “sculpture as a form of action” far too didactically (Peter Weibel). And, which would - at the most - animate the smirking mob of artsy party people to denude themselves, or possibly even to make a fool of themselves for a split second with their backs to, or through, the wall. Where the charming smirk of the objects can easily turn into one-handed knee-slapping. It’s humour - even if one doesn’t laugh (even if it is amusing). By Stephan Maier Kunsthaus Nexus 5760 Saalfelden, Am Postplatz 1, until 11.07.09 www.kunsthausnexus.com

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