080609: Tresor im BA-CA Kunstforum: Bertram Hasenauer – Eisler Prize

Tresor im BA-CA Kunstforum: Bertram Hasenauer – Eisler Prize Scenic portraits of propinquity and distance Bertram Hasenauer’s mid- and large-format portrait series (2005 - 2009) fluctuates between the genres of graphics in the style of old masters and contemporary photography. The white background refers to what is missing; those portrayed advance to the centre. Their social background is uncertain. Are they representatives of the working poor or the generation of heirs? Masculine as well as feminine components are put into perspective of the personality structure. How is the reluctant presence addressed by self-control? Among the titles are: “You somehow slip away”, “Long ago and far away”, “All instant things are fading”, and “Still hanging on to what may be”. Compared to the New Objectivity (1925 – 1935) Bertram Hasenauer points less to the simplicity or beauty of each individual, but concentrates on questioning the authenticity behind the semblance. In the portraits, all painted with subtle colours, the faces narrate of a lengthy and complex biography, which can cause early aging. The physiognomies of those depicted are accentuated through a distinctive chin, implied cheekbones, and a high forehead. His usage of fine brushes documents his meticulous painting method and claims the recipient’s immediate attention. All of his works are in acryl on wood. Through deconstructing the plasticity with muted and glazed colours he creates a multilayered portrayal. 12 portraits are optimally presented in the 150 square meters of the generous exhibition space of the “Tresor” (vault) at the BA-CA Kunstforum, as well as two landscape paintings titled “Talus”. The dark floor as well as the numerous linear light beams additionally enhance the overall impression and enable one to conjecture the original location where the pictures were created: Berlin. By Leon Gumil Hainzl Tresor im BA-CA Kunstforum 1010 Vienna, Freyung 8, until 14.06.09 www.ba-ca-kunstforum.at

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