020609: Stadtgalerie Schwaz: The Rabus Family – Alex, Renate, Léopold, and Till Rabus

Stadtgalerie Schwaz: The Rabus Family – Alex, Renate, Léopold, and Till Rabus Sum of its parts Léopold’s hamster did not survive its plunge from the balcony - now a rather depressed depiction of the animal can be seen on a drawing. Fortunately, all other family members are alive and well: Alex, the father, Renate, the mother, and the sons Till and Léopold Rabus, the Swiss artist clan from Neuchatel, who have been jointly invited to exhibit their works. Compared to 2006, when the Rabus’ viewed this kind of a show with scepticism, their thirst for adventure now predominates their fear to be viewed as an attraction. All four of them posed more or less enthusiastically for the “family portrait”, which resembles a colourful kaleidoscope rather than a classically curated exhibition. Alex Rabus faces the horror vacui with his exuberant and detailed painting style, drawing from a plethora of art historical references and outing himself as an eco-warrior. Renate Rabus applies artisan craftwork to textile art and creates elaborate stitched works inspired by Schubert’s Winter Journey. And finally, the brothers: socially formed through their artist home, working together in a studio, and discovered by gallery owners in a twin pack. But despite all this, they each favour rather contrary forms and ideas: Till Rabus, born 1977, takes a savage look at the consumer and throw-away society, a pile of black garbage bags experience something like estrangement in their hyperrealism. Leópold, born 1975, is the more popular one. Originally he wanted to become a clown; the tragic-comical remains part of his work. In “Le point d’eau” time levels superimpose directly into the deformed fingertips of the main figure. Morbidly distorted index fingers recur in an installation created with oval wooden frames - together with the above-mentioned sad hamster as well as braided decorative objects made of real hair. They resemble relics made of hair belonging to deceased ancestors used in folk-like traditions – even beyond relational circumstances. By Ivona Jelcic Stadtgalerie Schwaz 6130 Schwaz, Palais Enzenberg, Franz-Josef-Strasse 27, until 06.06.09 www.galeriestadtschwaz.at

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