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hilger contemporary: Julie Monaco _579 … the most compelling whiplash – and the strongest wing* While Julie Monaco’s paintings were always reduced to structures, manifestations of landscapes and natural forces, fire, clouds, the sea – she now goes one step further into abstraction: As if zooming onto a fractal, she immerses into the “elements” of her earlier works, disassembles part of her paintings to uncover digital layers and reconfigures them. This results in “non-photorealistic renderings” as large-format, contrasting black and white, classical silver gelatine prints that suddenly reveal figurative silhouettes and “surreal” structures, reminding of Max Ernst’s frottages. Julie Monaco reduces the natural template until only a wing attrition of transcendence remains discernible; limiting herself to computer generated production of artificial art in order to produce her personal abstract (un)reality of the poetry of the imaginary. By Renate Quehenberger hilger contemporary 1010 Vienna, Dorotheergasse 5, until 16.06.09 www.hilger.at *The title refers to Nietzsche's quote: "Belief in ourselves is the strongest bond, the most compelling whiplash - and the strongest wing." (14, 255, Nietzsche, legacy, fall 1880)

hilger contemporary
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