270409: Galerie Ruzicska: Vincent Szarek

Galerie Ruzicska: Vincent Szarek American myth: Deep-frozen and tuned Vincent Szarek is cool, really cool. Sealed into the lacquered cleanliness of his deep-frozen wall- and floor applications it seems as if a starving heart, which has dived deep into the superficialities of the American myth, is still throbbing. A myth, as we have painfully experienced, which no longer exists. In his exhibit at the Gallery Ruziska, Szarek circles around life and the lies of the (bad) dream of the much too wild, wild West, in which John Wayne still rambles through the salon door. The stylised adaption of a more than well-known icon, pressed into the fibreglass form of a beer-drinking prop and lasso swinging lifestyle: manhood. The one-dimensional man in his plain picture world. Minimal. And reduced to the maximum of effectualness. Just like the “Firebird”, burned to its silhouette, who guards the deep-frozen ado on the show stage of art with stretched out wings. Self-conscious in phase one of an alchemist transformation. For the fashion advanced hipster. High life in high-tech. Where the philosopher’s stone can stretch to a seductively glittering massif of the “San Juan Mountains”. Intoxicated by the greed for gold, out of which one of the mountain sculptures, mythically meaningful and promising, emerges, appears. But still: as diverging as the fancy artworks may be, they form the visually filtered particles of a superior narration, a cosmos of arrangements set at a lower level. In this particular case, the cultic admiration of “Coors” beer, whose graphic elements are broadened in length and width, and trace a powerful arch towards their clientele: the sports fanatic truckers and wide legged adventurers, the petty criminal outsider and – last but not least – the artist. Stephan Maier Galerie Ruzicska 5020 Salzburg, Faistauergasse 12, until 02.05.09 www.ruzicska.com

Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska
5020 Salzburg, Faistauergasse 12
Tel: +43 662 630 360, Fax: +43 662 630 60
Email: salzburg@ruzicska.com
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 10-18, Sa 10-14 h

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