300309: Winiarzyk: Karine Fauchard – Étude Pour un Intérieur

Winiarzyk: Karine Fauchard – Étude Pour un Intérieur Outside in, inside out The art show “Étude pour un Interieur” at the gallery Winiarzyk offers an interesting documentation about the assemblage of various materials forming a complete piece of work. This process is the essential question reflected in the French artist Karine Fauchard's creations. The outcome of this process, ranging from pencil sketches to opulent studies, was the creation of varying, cultural pieces of furniture. An interesting interaction between the different colour components evolves out of these simple and at the same time expressive paintings and drawings. In this exhibit, the methodological progress of the interdisciplinary development of 25 objects is documented in great detail. The pigmentation and the mixing of chemical ingredients are mirrored in the recurring, manifold objects “untitled (bow)”, which conveys flowerlike spring- feelings. An enlarged ornament, reminding of classic Japanese porcelain painting, shows the complex relationship of the multiple levels of lacquer, glue, colour, and paper in great detail. The question about the composition of water (H2O) is answered analytically with the chemical formula and metaphysically with the depiction of the counter play of the added elements in diverse witty approaches. Fauchard’s many years of work equal a humorous autopsy and the junction of the individual work stages evolve into a remarkable entity. Every single object addresses the link that associates it with the next, but it can, and is, always regarded as an individual object. This is the strength of the composition. By Alexander Lass Winiarzyk 1020 Vienna, Praterstrasse 13, until 11.04.09 www.winiarzyk.com

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