230309: Kunsthaus Bregenz: Markus Schinwald – Vanishing Lesson

Kunsthaus Bregenz: Markus Schinwald – Vanishing Lessons A rebellious smile The Kunsthaus Bregenz allows itself a programmatic anomaly with its newest exhibition of Markus Schinwald. Instead of the in Bregenz otherwise usual presentation of stars with a clear placement in art history, the Kunsthaus opened its doors to a very successful young artist. The Kunsthaus went far beyond its limits to stage Markus Schinwald’s largest exhibition ever: with the help of technology, regional craftsmen and specialists, and Jo Molitoris, the renowned cameraman who worked with U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The artist, born in Salzburg, and who lives and works in both Vienna and Los Angeles, transformed the three floors of the Kunsthaus into stage studios for sitcoms. Schinwald delights in this kind of US entertainment in which everyday situations are acted out as comedies; the canned laughter sounding from the off and signalising each new punch line to the audience. On the first floor you will find a peep show like stage, on the second floor a carriage cut into two parts, and on the third floor there is simply a stage background architecture – their central theme being elements which rotate, reminding of gym equipment. The multifunctional element of these three stages, which are actually large installations, is obvious: the viewer sees a bourgeois living room, which is only seemingly a living room. The walk-in sculpture could just as well be perceived as an exhibition, in which those typical Schinwald portraits are presented, showing subtly manipulated 19th century portraits, and thereby exposing neuroses in Sigmund Freud style. Amateur and professional actors, whose casting was conducted in Starmania-style, will perform on these three stages and the result is transmitted to flat screens. Schinwald applies distancing effects similar to those used by Berthold Brecht or Jean Luc Godard and which are also used in classic sitcoms: an actor sitting on a closet, identical twins causing confusion, and gymnasts, performing remarkable movements on unconventional equipment. These interruptions of the ritual make the viewer concentrate on him-/herself and allow for contemplation and new thoughts. And Schinwald? He showed up at the press conference in a creased black suit with silver coloured sneakers and answered all questions cool, professional and with an understatement. He combines the rebelliousness of his work with a congenial smile. by Wolfang Ölz Kunsthaus Bregenz 6900 Bregenz, Karl Tizian Platz, until 13.04.09 www.kunsthaus-bregenz.at

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