090309: Momentum: Nina Rike Springer – Lucid Episodes

Momentum: Nina Rike Springer – Lucid Episodes The view is decisive Confusion as the outcome of all communication forms and different languages is what Nina Rike Springer attempts to illustrate in her solo exhibit of photo- and video works in “Lucid Episodes”. In her works, Springer succeeds in conveying a visual awareness of the own “self” circulating around its environment, which is in continuous motion. Photography is not a solitary dimension for the Carinthian artist: it has more to do with the discovery and approach to projects, and ultimately their implementation and processing. “Lucid Episodes” is supported by the presence of human beings. Springer attempts to offer the observer an “easy insight” into her own moods. Her “modus Vivendi” is composed of movement or standstill as an emotional condition, transmissions between real and virtual space, and the composition of everyday objects. A massive object, in a continuous interaction with the movements of a person, sharp colour contrasts, and well-arranged extra details form the framework. A serious discourse with everyday life coupled with childish buffoonery and individual mythological self-staging accompanies the exhibit like a golden thread. The renowned painter Eugène Delacroix once said: the foremost obligation of a painting is for it to be a festival for the eye. Since the invention of photography it was possible to demonstrate in great detail how diversified human beings are in their lebensraum. Springer accomplishes both of these elements. Alexander Lass Momentum 1040 Vienna, Schleifmühlgasse 1, until 12.03.09 www.momentum.co.at

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