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Kunstforum der Bank Austria: George Braque The second one on the rope Painting can be considered as a specific and systematic way of designing a beautiful surface. Next to the many well-known names that are linked to the specifically elegant and discrete appearance of art, and, on account of the long time span in which artists have been painting, an equally lengthy history was established. A history, which recognizes two revolutions of art: the introduction of perspective during the Renaissance and, following the 500 years in which this tradition was cultivated, the introduction of the Cubistic perspective. Georges Braque described the intensive work relationship with Picasso, during which the Cubistic perspective was developed, “a bit like a roped party in the mountains.” For many years the public perceived Picasso to be the one who made it to the summit first. But it was probably Braque, whose father was a stage painter, who came up with the idea to paste wood-grained wallpaper onto a painting to produce a materialistic reference without an illusionistic depiction. Braque created numerous pieces on dark backgrounds; the colour red was only used to depict lights. The primary themes are still lifes, whose easily comprehensible arrangements allowed Braque to show space from various viewpoints. His paintings never come across as pusillanimous or stressed. Work processes, which required years, seem as if they were finalized in a whiff. It is never clear that Braque survived two world wars as well as the world economic crisis, and continued to paint – but it is apparent everywhere that one acquires richness through seeing. Who has ever seen a jug resembling a red puddle? Gesche Heumann Kunstforum der Bank Austria 1010 Vienna, Freyung 8, until 01.03.09 www.kunstforumwien.at

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