230209: Kunstraum Innsbruck: Amelie von Wulffen

Kunstraum Innsbruck: Amelie von Wulffen Wrong places for memories Tyrol’s first solo exhibition in 2009, the year which is embraced by the memories of Andreas Hofer' fight for liberty in 1809, presents Amelie von Wulffen’s works at the Kunstraum Innsbruck. Ironically they fit in quite well, as her memory range includes aspects of collective history, as well as individual impressions. References to Tyrol are, of course, fictitious and probably even more fictitious than Wulffen’s style of aesthetics, which is based on different art historical influences. But in any case: the sofas shown at this exhibit, designed by Lucio Auri, were decorated by Wulffen in a rustic style, typical of Tyrol and Bavaria. Wulffens’ collages, which always include an autobiographical connotation, show snapshots of empty Bourgeoisie living rooms, family silver, and antique sideboards. The large format black and white photographs are often painted beyond their frames, thereby extending the radius of memory, and their musty heaviness can relieve itself into the world of art. The city and landscape aquarelles made by an unknown painter - presumably a German soldier – in the 1940s, which are integrated into the show, are also part of the artists’ family property. They depict Breslau and Paris, and at the time of their creation they were probably not much more than travel souvenirs. Seen through the back mirror, these settings of Greater German conquests communicate dark chapters of history. But as Wulffen likes to pursue her fragmented assemblages with a certain easiness, she mounted some of these pictures as resting tables on the sofas. One could easily serve five-o’clock tea on them. By Ivona Jelcic Kunstraum Innsbruck 6020 Innsbruck, Maria Theresien Strasse 34, until 28.02.09 www.kunstraum-innsbruck.at

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