160209: Futurism 100!

Futurism 100! Acceleration frenzy “Futurism 100!” - a series of large exhibitions Futurism is usually reduced to headlines charged up with sensationalism. In addition, Italian Fascism curbed the concepts of the movement. Underexposed in the shadow of avant-garde manifestations such as Marinetti’s scansion of war as “ZANG-TUMB-TUUMB” the picture story and the diverse international cultural historical connotations remain. The numerous exhibitions marking the centenary of the Futurist Manifesto offer ample opportunities for an extensive debate. After the project had taken place at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the epicentre of the presentations now shifted to Upper Italy. Signal rockets were fired from Rovereto to celebrate the beginning of the three-part anniversary event “FUTURISMO 100”. That is where the majority of the legacy is located. Only Marinetti’s is in the USA. In addition, Rovereto is the intersection point of those concepts and ideologies of Modernism, which go beyond Cubism and coincide with Futurism. The exhibition organized on the occasion of the opening of the Year of Futurism at the MaRT (January 17 until June 7) is therefore called “Illuminations. Avant-garde compared. Italy – Germany – Russia”. As the start of the Italian Futurism project lead by Ester Coen, which will continue in Venice and Milan with the topics “Astrazioni” and “Simultaneità”, Rovereto focuses on the relationships between Futurism and the main representatives of the Russian and German avant-garde. Marinetti’s legendary journey to Russia in 1914 is the central theme. In addition to the linkage between futuristic painters and Russian artists, views in the direction of the art capitals such as Paris, Berlin, Moscow, and New York are highlighted. The density of artistic presence in northern Italian villages is fascinating, but their affinity to Fascism is scary, as well as the transgressions from the architecture of Modernism to that of Fascism. Surprising, how scarce critical approaches are; but on the other hand not really surprising if one takes Italy’s political context into consideration. In any case, the year 2009 offers a unique opportunity to deal with Futurism. The travelling exhibition “Futurismo. Avanguardia-Avanguardie”, which was shown in Paris first, will be presented at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome as of February 20, and starting with June 12 at the Tate Modern in London. In view of the extensive picture and documentation material, one should however not forget the sound-side of Futurism. Today young musicians, for example Luigi Russolo, are again absorbing the sound-studies of machine tones and producing originals. Roland Schöny Until 01.10.2009 An overview of the exhibits: Venice Museo Correr Despero – works from the collection Fedrizzi Until 01.03.09 www.museiciviciveneziani.it London Estorick Collection “Futurism 100!” until 19.04.09 www.estorickcollection.com Rovereto MaRT Futurismus 100. Illuminations. Avant-garde compared. Italy – Germany – Russia” Until 07.06.09 english.mart.trento.it Rome Scuderie del Quirinale Futurismo. Avanguardia-Avanguardie 20.02 – 24.05.09 english.scuderiequirinale.it Venice Museo Correr Astrazioni 05.06. – 04.10.09 www.museiciviciveneziani.it London Tate Modern Futurism 12.06. - 20.09.09 www.tate.org.uk/modern Milan Palazzo Reale Simultaneità 15.10.09 – 25.01.09 www.artpalazzoreale.it
Mehr Texte von translated and summarized by: Liz Wollner-Grandville


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