090209: Konzett Wien: Rudolf Polanszky – Transaggregate structures

Konzett Wien: Rudolf Polanszky – Transaggregate structures Impossible bottles for a modern living room Rudolf Polansky’s works, currently displayed at the Gallery Konzett, are by all means charming compositions, however, they lack the ability to convince. Most probably because they strike the onlooker as too well behaved. It is unfortunate that their conceivable, but hidden characteristics of being free and wild were lost somewhere along the line. The glued and deformed Plexiglas objects, resembling impossible bottles, are mounted on crudely welded steel stands and, on account of their height, can only be viewed from underneath. Large collages made of tinfoil, colours, and diverse additional materials, as well as Plexiglas complement the show. Irrespective of the material, the works follow the tradition of Tàpies and Twombly. However, in contrast to Twombly’s sculptures, his originals do not meet the expectations raised by the photos of Polanszky’s works. On the contrary, the originals make it clear how uncaring the pictures and sculptures are assembled. Not only the obvious indifference for details is irritating, but also the fact that this indifference completely destroys the fascination created by experimenting with materials and forms. They are appealing as status symbols – devoid of being kitschy or uptight. And this definitely makes them superior compared to most of the gaudy kitsch available. By Wolfgang Pichler Konzett Wien 1010 Vienna, Spiegelgasse 21, until 28. 02. 09 www.artkonzett.com

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