020209: MAK – Applied Arts/Contemporary Art: Artists in Focus #5 Heimo Zobernig: Total Design

MAK – Applied Arts/Contemporary Art: Artists in Focus #5 Heimo Zobernig: Total Design Lacquer gone The MAK presents works, which are part of its contemporary collection, on the top floor of the museum. The space itself is, to put it mildly, “awkward”. Artists are left with no choice other than to explicitly utilize the available space. Heimo Zobernig utilized the space by covering the room-dominating staircase with a scaffold enveloped in stage gaze. A video, which he produced 10 years ago on the occasion of an exhibition opening in a villa, is projected onto the backdrop. With the help of double exposure and Blue-Box technology the interior as well as the exterior of the room are blurred, people are wandering around, the sun sets, everything seems to float; an unusually romantic scenery by the master of coolness. Apart from that: press board shelves which Zobernig presents with no lacquer whatsoever and thereby reduces them to their barren base frame. Remains of life are found on the surface of the bar; fixed up with glass corners and handprints. Among Zobernig’s most exciting objects is a Kolo Moser closet, at one time reconstructed by himself, at another by a prisoner and by a carpenter. Among his most recent works is a Billy-shelf, decorated with a few mirrors and added to the exhibit. One can view this as an example of a consequent artistic gesture, or simply as boring. All in all, the exhibition is a balanced and worthwhile show, offering a commendable cross-section of Zobernig’s works. by Nina Schedlmayer MAK-Applied Arts/Contemporary Art 1010 Vienna, Stubenring 5, until 29. 03.09 www.mak.at

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