221208: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg: Interieur/Exterieur: Living in Art. From Romantic Interior Painting to the Home Design of the Future

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg: Interieur/Exterieur: Living in Art. From Romantic Interior Painting to the Home Design of the Future Cocooning with Friedrich An entire cultural history ranging from art to design is presented here – and the list of renowned artists is long: John M. Armleder, Richard Artschwager, Francis Bacon, Miriam Bäckström, Carl Blechen, Etienne-Louis Boullée, Marcel Breuer, Thomas Demand, Eric Fischl, Sylvie Fleury, Caspar David Friedrich or Dan Graham – just to name a few. Works by about 70 artists and designers are shown – including romantic painters as well as Bauhaus architects and postmodern designers. The exhibition deals with the interaction between design and art and attempts to create new constellations. Works by Henry van de Velde and Henri Matisse, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Tobias Rehberger are juxtaposed: these combinations are proof of the curators lust and joy to experiment and surprise. Paintings, sculptures, furniture, installation art, photography, and videos – 140 works are shown at the „Interieur/Exterieur“ exhibit, among them provocative creations such as the photo series „Saturday Night“ by In Sook Kim. Kim made the unscrupulous exhibitionism of our time a subject of discussion by shooting night pictures of an apartment house and its inhabitants. Caspar David Friedrich’s „Bohemian Landscape with the Milesovka“ (1808) is also among the works shown, as are paintings by artists of the Biedermaier, who have nearly fallen into oblivion, and whose paintings are the early bourgeois form of what one would today call „cocooning“. One can marvel at a reconstruction of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona-Pavilion or Piet Mondrian’s Paris based studio, exquisite Jugendstil pieces, Californian architectural photography by Julius Shulman, as well as Interieur-paintings by the symbolist Edvard Munch and Félix Vallotton or a fantastic, completely vitrified living capsule by Werner Sobek. At one time the eyes wander from the cosy home towards the outside, then again towards the inside with a longing for protection. Living may connote an option for retreat or it can be a media for representation. In any case – living means life, and life equals infinite desire – something Verner Panton’s walk-in living cage „Visiona 2“ attempts to show. A ramble through 250 years of living- and art history. Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg 38440 Wolfsburg, Porschestrasse 53, until 13. 04.09 www.kunstmuseum-wolfsburg.de

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