171108: Kunstraum Palais Porcia: Index. Signs of everyday life

Kunstraum Palais Porcia: Index. Signs of everyday life In the sign of everyday life, but not everyday Both the selection as well as the presentation of this exhibit is remarkable. Rarely do curators show so much sensitivity and courage showing only the most significant works. Many large paintings and spectacular objects were done without - this allowing for an outstandingly harmonious exhibit given this limited amount of available space. The only works shown on canvas are Selim Birsel’s drawings. One of them, created in a similar style as Van Goghs early works, depicts an old man with a cap sitting on an equally old chair. Without any background motif or colour, this drawing still develops an enormous intensity, and, despite its huge format, it remains simple and unobtrusive. Ceren Okyut painted his own fantasy world onto the walls of an otherwise empty room. His passion for detail and the fact that this painting can never be sold or even stored, turns his work into one of the highlights of the show. Okyut’s painting makes it very clear that art is not a professional business, but an attitude to life. The small, backlit show cases with paper-cut scenes created by Nermin Er prove how convincing discovery and amazement, as well as the art of picture narration can be. This exhibit is an absolute insider’s tip and definitely more worthwhile seeing than some of the large reviews of contemporary Turkish art. Kunstraum Palais Porcia 1010 Vienna, Herrengasse 23, until 25. 11. 08

Kunstraum Palais Porcia
1010 Wien, Herrengasse 23
Öffnungszeiten: Mo. bis Fr. 10.00 bis 15.00 Uhr

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