03.11.08: Schlossmuseum Linz: Culture capital of the Führer – Art and National Socialism in Linz and Upper Austria

Schlossmuseum Linz: Culture capital of the Führer – Art and National Socialism in Linz and Upper Austria Model versus accusation Hitler’s megalomaniac plans for the so-called “Führerstadt” Linz were the basis on which the Landesmuseum organized the huge exhibit “Culture Capital of the Führer”. Linz has been nominated as the European Culture Capital 2009. The complex but not overloaded exhibit, curated by Birgit Kirchmayer, highlights areas of fine arts as well as theatre, music, and literature. Hitler already fantasized about city planning during his adolescent years in Linz. The facsimiles of some of these early designs as well as his later drawings, in which his reactionary artistry was already evident, are part of the exhibit. CAD visualisations and quotes by Albert Speer and Hans Posse are presented and the Landesmuseum’s “own historical background” is dealt with in great detail. This is the kind of research one would wish other museums to dwell on in more depth. The remoter areas of the exhibit are rather dusty; mainly due to the material shown: unsavoury blood and soil paintings, the then popular farming life scenes or turgid nude paintings, contrast with the harmless landscapes or abstract art by Herbert Bayer and others. Although the explanatory texts are informative, a more differentiated approach would have been appropriate. The displayed theatre costumes – for example those for the “Meistersinger”- are musty, also in the olfactory sense of the word. The theatre programs prove how omnipresent the ideological atmosphere of regime was. Every programme included portraits of Hitler and Goebbels as well as their quotes. Without this exhibit Linz would probably have been accused of not sufficiently dealing with its history. And even if the topic is dealt with rather late, it is done in an exemplary way. Schlossmuseum Linz 4010 Linz, Tummelplatz 10, until 22.03.09 www.schlossmuseum.at

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