201008: South London Gallery: Rivane Neuenschwander: Suspension Point

South London Gallery: Rivane Neuenschwander: Suspension Point Reference structures of a point The title of the exhibit ‘Suspension Point’ defines one of a series of points, usually three, used to indicate that something has been omitted or that a sentence is incomplete. This typographical symbol, which also marks a contextual tightening of reference points, constitutes the formal as well as the narrative axis of the exhibit. The installation is characterised by Rivane Neuenschwander’s term ‘Ethereal Materialism’. She combines minimalistic elements such as water, wood, light, and circles and demonstrates her sensitivity towards these volatile organic components. The specifics of the main exhibition hall of the South London Gallery, with its height of six meters, constitute the starting point for Neuenschwander’s installation. This enormous hall requires that the space be divided in a new way and thereby offers display-options for additional works. The room-dividing frieze dictates the form of the wooden construction as well as the horizontal division of the space. A staircase leads from the lower exhibition level, darkened by the installation, to a second level, which is flooded with light. Here the visitor encounters the ‘Suspension Point’ (2008), an infinite row of circular holes, mirroring the now obstructed frieze. The individual points, similar to the typographical reference points, refer to a network of the existing. The hilly landscape surrounding the South London Gallery is sculptured by the wood dust, which developed by drilling the holes. The installations combine contradicting terms, such as outside/inside, day/night, and manual/automatic. Droplets of water dripping into a basin initiate the atmospheric sound piece ‘It’s raining out there’ (2008), composed by the ephemeral sounds of the falling drops. This sound installation embraces both levels of the exhibit and thereby underlines the dualism of light and dark, respectively day and night. The projection of the film ‘Arabian Moons’ (2008) showing a frayed, flickering circle, is also integrated into this framework. ‘The Loop’, a 16mm film showing 1.001 manually drilled holes, initiates a further reference system: the infinite cycle of suspension points and the manually produced, slightly uneven series of drilled holes. The immediate site of the exhibit space, the cartographic reference, and specifics of the surrounding landscape breaks new grounds for the ambivalence of the universal and the ephemeral. Neuenschwander's creations transform the site into a space filled with the unfolding of a network composed of flexible and temporal components. Her work is not aimed at constructing rooms, but much more at activating, transforming and developing the ephemeral elements of existent frameworks. South London Gallery SE5 8UH London, 65 Peckham Road, until 30. 11. 2008 www.southlondongallery.org

South London Gallery
SE5 8UH London, 65 Peckham Road
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