131008: Zacheta National Gallery of Art: Revolutions 1968

Zacheta National Gallery of Art: Revolutions 1968 Miss the revolutionaries! Currently there are hundreds of events commemorating the Revolutions of 1968. The Zacheta National Gallery in Warsaw of Art chose to present the topic by exhibiting the works of 90 national and international artists. The curators Hanna Wroblewska and Maria Brewinska attempt to portray this period through art from different perspectives - including theatre, film, video, and above all installations. How did the worldwide Revolutions of 1968 influence art? What do the art works shown in Warsaw communicate about the cultural consequences of an initially political revolution? The curators brought works by Joseph Beuys, the most radical representative of the time, as well as Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, Marcel Broodthaers, On Kawara, Nam June Paik, and Dennis Oppenheim to Warsaw. In 1971 the performance artist Chris Burden presented his film“Shoot”. It shows Burden standing in front of a wall, someone aims a gun at him, and shoots him in the shoulder. Photos and films dealing with terrorism are positioned next to Burden’s work, making it clear that violence triggers violence. Major emphasis of the exhibit is placed on the media film. Helke Sander and Harun Farocki’s video “Break the power of the manipulators” is a rebellion against media manipulation and was produced in 1967/68 showing members of the student movement campaign in their fight against the German publishing company Springer. The atmosphere of the time is not mediated by attempting a chronological narration, but rather by the way in which the exhibit is arranged. The works are placed side by side, installations are strung together in individual exhibition halls, and different sounds penetrate from the rooms, reflecting the atmosphere of the time: loud, chaotic – rebellious. Putting things in order was done in retrospect. The exhibit succeeds in highlighting the cultural changes. Nobody wants a revival of Marxist, Maoist, or Trotskyist ideologies, even if, in today's politic and social environment, some miss the atmosphere, spirit, and the immense will for change of those years. Zacheta National Gallery of Art 00-916 Warsaw, Pl. Malachoswskeigo 3, until 09. 11. 2008 www.zacheta.art.pl

Zacheta National Gallery of Art
00-916 Warsaw, Pl. Malachowskiego 3
Tel: +48 22 827 58 54
Email: rzecznik@zacheta.art.pl
Öffnungszeiten: Di - So 12:00 - 18:00

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