061008: Augarten Contemporary: Augustin Luser – Clouds of Action

Augarten Contemporary: Augustin Luser – Clouds of Action Biology of success As the title of this exhibit Handlungswolken – Clouds of Action implies, Constantin Luser confronts the onlooker with the dissolution of a concrete reality into its diffuse components consisting of frequencies and electromagnetic oscillations. His drawings guide us into the world of his (un) consciousness. His Vibrosaurus, almost ten metres long, is the main object of this exhibit. It consists of brass tubes, which the artist obtained from trumpets, trombones, tubas, and French horns and which can be played by up to 30 wind players. The idea of the Spheric Carousel seems to be continued into the realms of biology. In one of his drawings for the Vibrosaurus Luser depicts the figure in waves with a strong similarity to the wave structure of a Fourier analysis. The animal body is brass tone. This sculpture is an impressive aesthetic manifestation of the realisation that even matter exists in a wave structure – something already discovered by Louis de Broglie in 1927. When the object is played one can relate to the frequencies of the formation a large (living) body consists of. The installation Augenfahrt – Eye trip, is a walk-in rectangular form with rounded corners, and a dark, black interior, in which only a single ray of light is directed at a small white drawing. Is this the 3D transformation of the interior view of the artist’s consciousness, which is otherwise to be seen as pencil drawings in the exhibit? This time he is also showing drawings in combination with painting – colourful works, on which electromagnetic forces seem to vibrate. The exhibit also presents Luser’s large white lacquered rounded wooden plates, with his Lines of Thought, resembling mapped out landscapes. They include meticulously detailed maps, fineliner-pen drawings of human figures, details of architectural design and landscapes, oftentimes connected by lines, waves or circles. Text fragments allude to the artist’s socio-political, scientific or personal thoughts: “So that this exhibition will be a huge success, yes, yes” can be read in tiny letters in one of his drawings. Yes, of course! Augarten Contemporary 1020 Vienna, Scherzergasse 1a, until 14. 12. 2008 www.atelier-augarten.at

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