080908: Galerie im Traklhaus – figurative illustrations

Galerie im Traklhaus – figurative illustrations Option presence Lóránd Hegyi and Dietgard Grimmer chose a selection of works by Austrian and French artists under the aspect of “nomadic narratives”. The outcome is currently shown at the exhibit “Figurative illustrations”, which is clearly influenced by Jean Francois Lyotard’s post-modern rejection of a universalistic narrative style. Although there is consensus that the time of big narratives are long gone, an abundance of counter-narratives become visible – mainly on account of their tendency towards the figurative - in the juxtaposition of illustrations by Iris Andrasheck, Rebecca Bournigault, Maria Bussmann, Barbara Eichhorn, Gunda Gruber, Francoise Pétrovitch, Bartehélémy Toguo, and Jean-Luc Verna. Undeniably a mix of different approaches enhance the quality of an exhibit. Barbara Eichhorn’s illustrations are characterised by infringing on intimate fields of life, which do not necessarily narrate her own story. In contrast to the idyllic semblance made by the encounter of dog and man, this has nothing to do with the passions of a dog lover, but with emotional perversions, which develop through the increasing loneliness and isolation of an individual. The narrative track is laid out in titles given to the large format ballpoint works: “Forbidden Love” (2007) or “We forgot to kiss our love” (2008). Exciting parallels surface in the masked faces of Iris Andraschek’s and Rebecca Bournigault’s works. While Bournigault chose photographs and videos as the source material, Iris Andraschek shows illustrative sovereignty by counteracting absurd scenarios with aphoristic political texts. Today, illustrations are faced with enlightening insights into the complexity and into programmatic challenges, which are depicted by linking psychological experience, socio-political reality, and fictitious-imaginative situations. Galerie im Traklhaus 5020 Salzburg, Waagplatz 1a, until 13. 09. 2008 www.salzburg.gv.at/traklhaus

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