280708: Startgalerie im Museum auf Abruf: Peter Köllerer – Signs and Wonders

Startgalerie im Museum auf Abruf: Peter Köllerer – Signs and Wonders Reflective Idyll The Startgalerie is currently showing photographic works by Peter Köllerer. A series of photographs, which remind of Jeff Wall’s C-prints, show forest idylls and messages engraved into tree trunks. The engraved words, however, are irritating - they have nothing in common with the usual “who loves who” or “xy was here”. Statements such as “have you heard of this gossip?” or “achieve your dreams” are carved in the trees. Only after reading the accompanying text does it become clear that these are the subject-lines of spam mails, and are therefore strangely familiar. In a pleasant and unobtrusive way they reflect that another kind of reality exists in our present world, which is not completely dominated by advertisement logic and communication strategies. With its black and white slide shows the exhibition deals with the so-called “WildplakatiererInnen-Szene” in Vienna during the 70s (random attaching of posters all over the city). On the slides you can see posters with “no placards allowed” printed on them mounted on numerous walls and windows throughout town. The show questions the rights one has in a public space, the rights of freedom of speech, and it questions how much power a city municipality actually has. The fact that these questions are asked in a show of the MUSA, a museum owned by the City of Vienna, is a good sign and demonstrates that, despite all, the democratic culture of this city is alive. Startgalerie im Museum auf Abruf 1010 Vienna, Felderstrasse 6-8, next to the town hall, until 28. 08. 2008 www.musa.at

Startgalerie im MUSA xx
1010 Wien, Felderstraße 6-8
Tel: +43 1 4000-8400, Fax: +43 1 4000-99-8400
Email: musa@musa.at
Öffnungszeiten: Di, Mi, Fr 11-18, Do 11-20, Sa 11-16 h

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