280708: daadgalerie: Douglas Gordon, Phillippe Parreno – Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

daadgalerie: Douglas Gordon, Phillippe Parreno – Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait Ten Ace King King football is alive. Despite the summer break, during which the kickers disappear from the scene to get in shape for the next season. But a “real king” even outshines this football-free time: a king by the name of Zidane. He is currently on-screen in “Zidane. A 21st Century Portrait” produced by Douglas Gordon and Phillippe Parreno and shown at the daadgalerie in Berlin. They chose the king among kinglike players and captured his outstanding talent with their high technology cameras at a Real Madrid match in 2005: the 17 cameras were all directed at Zidane, each operated by the best cameramen available (among them one of Scorsese’s operators). A microphone was put into one of his socks to catch all of his steps - both acoustically as well as visually. What evolved is oddly ambivalent: through this exclusive focus on Zidane he is now not only the well-known commander on the field, but at times merely a “football-worker” – someone who sometimes offers his assistance to no avail, who runs many kilometres in vain, sweat dripping from his body. This complete media concentration at times even results in a disenchantment of the football magician Zidane. His king-like image is not so much God-given (except for his talent), as it is media-given. And the media make it appear in a most favorable light. The bizarre part of this film comes at the end when Zidane suddenly attacks one of his competitors like a wild bull. Maybe the normally introverted and reserved Zidane, who of course knew that he was being filmed, was much more media-conscious than one would assume. And maybe the attack against Matarazzi had less to do with saving his family honour than it did with his worry about making a great exit. In any case - it did the trick. daadgalerie 10117 Berlin, Zimmerstrasse 90 – 91, until 09. 08. 2008 www.berliner-kuenstlerprogramm. de

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