200708: Schaulager: Andrea Zittel, Monika Sosnowska – 1:1

Schaulager: Andrea Zittel, Monika Sosnowska – 1:1 Kokon politikon The current exhibit at the Schaulager in Basel is dedicated to the artists Andrea Zittel and the Monika Sosnowska. Their works deal with architecture and fit very well into the rather clean and commonplace interior of the Schaulager. The American artist Zittel shows what remains, when the façade is removed: a container, a place for retreat and cocooning or maybe even for the survival of the species. Her Survival Kits have a connotation of catastrophe, are conceptualised as swimming islands, as maisonettes or tropical huts, but always only for one single person: the artist herself. Monika Sosnowska, the artist from Poland, is also known for her claustrophobia-like work, but in contrast to Zittel, she has made paranoia to the main topic. She repeated her Venice Biennale 2007 success, which was a real show-stopper: she jammed a metal scaffold between the floor and the ceiling of the typical Eastern Bloc construction made of prefabricated concrete slabs. And there is a hallway, which literally drives this discourse into a corner. The human being: the Kokon politikon (political cocoon). The onlooker is encouraged to adjust to the conditions in a capsule, the individual version of a steel encasement, symbolising our modern day and age. This double show in Basel leads to the one-man show for everyone. And the façade arouses attention. Schaulager 4142 Münchenstein, Ruchfeldstrasse 19, until 21. 09. 2008 www.schaulager.org

4142 Münchenstein, Ruchfeldstrasse 19
Tel: +41 61 335 32 32, Fax: +41 61 335 32 30
Email: info@schaulager.org
Öffnungszeiten: Di, Mi, Fr 12-18, Do 12-19, Sa, So 10-17 h

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