140708: BAWAG Foundation: Susan Hiller – Outlaw cowgirl and other works

BAWAG Foundation: Susan Hiller – Outlaw cowgirl and other works Targeted towards the collective unconscious The cowgirl in her Sunday dress holds a gun in her right hand. The barrel in her left diagonally juts out of the black and white photo. Under the photo is a small kitchen shelf with four small porcelain cows. One of them is completely shattered - as if it had been hit by one of the bullets from her gun. The depiction of this determined woman destroys a realistic kitsch-figure. And this is the central theme of Hiller’s entire oeuvre: the entanglement of presentation and imagination on the one hand, and the exclusions, which produce visibility, on the other. The glass showcase “From the Freud Museum” takes up an entire wall (1991 – 1997) and is filled with boxes, in which the London-based artist has set objects, resembling ethnographic discoveries. The Freudian motif is, however, is not the eerie thing about Hiller’s work. When the artist deals with the fascination of horror, it’s more about the social than the psychological process behind it. “Street J. Project” (2002 – 2005) is a documentation about present-day German street signs shown in films, photographs, and books, in which “Jew” is part of the depicted word or phrase. The “Last Silent Movie” (2007), also shown at this year’s Berlin Biennial, shows a collection of languages that are extinct as well as those threatened by extinction. Just recently the media expert Peter Weibel said: art has a special approach to the collective unconscious. Hiller’s works seem to justify this opinion. The gun’s barrel is aiming in that direction. BAWAG Foundation 1040 Vienna, Foundationsquartier, Wiedner Hauptstr. 15, until 17. 08. 2008 www.bawag-foundation.at

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