090608: hilger contemporary: Miha Strukelj – Virtual networks

hilger contemporary: Miha Strukelj – Virtual networks Painting is code Miha Strukelj lets the onlooker impressively take part in the development of his works by tracing and painting the different stages of photo coding. When looking at a photograph of poor quality enlarged to one and a half square meters and thereby attaining the effect of a pixel array, it is no longer possible to recognize what was originally depicted. However, this process of abstraction does not always succeed in producing consistent compositions. Only the smaller black and white works on paper are remarkably harmonious. In two of these one can easily recognise the underlying street scenes. They are the most remarkable pieces in this exhibit and remind of Cartier-Bresson motifs. The artworks, which are dissected into pixels, clearly remind us of how digitalised the world is in which we live. The special charm of this exhibit lies in the fact that the works shown are all hand painted. Could it be a coincidence that those pieces with less coded motifs are the most powerful? hilger contemporary 1010 Vienna, Dorotheergasse 5, until 19. 06. 2008 www.hilger.at

hilger contemporary
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