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artmark Galerie Wien: Joachim Bandau Paint to meditate The first impression one gets when entering the exhibition rooms is that of absolute quiet and concentration. Only after a detailed examination can one recognize the pale grey shaded aquarelles as such. The edges of these pale-grey rectangles are so exact that they appear like lithographies or laser prints. The formal clarity of Joachim Bandau’s abstract compositions is convincing. His “black aquarelles” convey calmness and simplicity. However, the application of just one colour (black) and one form (rectangle), enables these works to transmit more complexity and intricacy than many others. The long and meditative process behind the creation of these paintings is evident. These clear and precise pieces of art require a long and dedicated manual procedure. The artist can only add one layer (rectangle) at a time, which is then pressed and dried for weeks before the next layer can be applied. This also explains why you will not find one single carelessly applied brushstroke – it would ruin months of hard work. The form Bandau uses in his oeuvre does not stay an end in itself – he succeeds in mediating an idea as well as a meaning with his art. artmark Galerie Wien 1010 Vienna, Singerstrasse 17, until 03.05.08 www.artmark.at

Artmark Galerie Johannes Haller
1010 Wien, Singerstraße 17
Tel: +43 660 9010 331
Email: office@artmark.at
Öffnungszeiten: Do-Fr 13-18, Sa 11-18

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