090308: Secession: Werner Feiersinger and Philippe Decrauzat

Secession: Werner Feiersinger (Hauptraum); Philippe Decrauzat (Gallery, Grafisches Kabinett) Interlocking objects The Austrian artist Werner Feiersinger’s current exhibit in the Hauptraum (main room) of the Secession is mainly focused on questioning the dogmatic reception of Modernism as a personification of functionalism and rationalism. Feiersinger concentrates on the ambivalence of secretive breaches and controversies; inherent to Modernism. He considers the Secession’s Hauptraum as an icon of modern architecture and the ideal exhibition space. His most recent work dominates the exhibition: a delicately curved steel structure, 17 m in length, a citation from Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye. The full-size reconstruction, a detail from the villa’s entrance area, clearly shows the discrepancy between the edifice and its original design. His other objects such as ladders, shovels, or playground installations feign utility, however, at a second glance it is apparent that they are obviously dysfunctional. Feiersinger’s photographs of Le Corbuisier’s buildings include carelessly stored garden tools and thereby undermine the Swiss architects orthodox following of Modernism. The intelligent arrangement of the displayed works significantly adds to the fact that both the art as well as the room it is displayed in, has entered an unusually intensive, respectful-ironic dialog. With his wall paintings, cinematic elements, and sculptures the Swiss artist Phillipe Decrauzat establishes a clear connection with Dada, Russian Constructivism, Op Art, and Minimalism. In the black and white gallery space, questions regarding a shift of perception and motion studies seem superposed to an “agglomeration of modern vision”, which for the most part are visually convincing. Secession 1010 Vienna, Friedrichstrasse 12, until 13.04.08 www.secession.at

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