040308: Friendly enemies - Exhibit with a price tag

GfzK – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst: Friendly enemies Exhibit with a price tag I would like to exhibit 23 international artists and 37 works of art for two months. And please add a little “Neue Leipziger Schule”, some Minimal Art, one Gursky and three photographs by Louise Lawler. Would that be all? No, that’s it, thank you. OK, altogether that makes € 25.540. The price tag is stuck onto the “shop window” of the new building of the GfzK. It symbolizes the amount of money paid for this exhibit, in which the “Friendly enemies” of the museum (gallery owners, collectors, corporations) are gathered. The show is the kick-off event for the two-year project “Carte Blanche” organized by the GfzK. All of the ten participants invited to take part in this project have been given the unlimited power (= carte blanche) to organize an exhibit of whatever wish, but – and this is the piquant detail: they must pay all of the direct and indirect costs involved. Already in the fore field this radical venture raised a lot of dust; after all, its goal was to make the flow of private financial money supporting art-exhibits in public museums more visible. Throughout the entire exhibit you will find price tags: heating and electricity 2.401 euros, cleaning 495 euros, guards, 6 euros per hour. Since none of those invited had the courage to be the first to enter the ‘ring’ of this controversial project, all of the “friendly enemies” loans are shown. This pragmatic step pays off and itself becomes the program of the display. Focus is laid on the relationship between economy and art. In his pointedly amateurish video “Save me, help me…” Jakup Ferris holds paintings into the camera, which he would like to sell. At the same time he brings up the question, which chances an artist from the Kosovo has to become part of the international art market. Rosemarie Trockel’s photo series “Das Capital (Alice in Wonderland)”, which criticises market mechanisms and its reference to the art price index of a magazine, is positioned next to Neo Rauch’s expensive works. Art itself is asked to speak up. And there is certainly no danger that the project might only debate the economization of art on the sidelines. GfzK – Galerie für zeitgenössiche Kunst, 04107 Leipzig, Karl Tauchnitz-Str. 11, until 24. 03. 08

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