250208: Kunstraum Niederösterreich: Michael Höpfner - Unsettled Conditions

Kunstraum Niederösterreich: Michael Höpfner – Unsettled Conditions Anti-Tourism For many years Michael Höpfner was predominantly known for one style of art: black and white landscape photographs taken all over the globe. What they all had in common was a particularly high positioning of the horizon. Höpfner was everything but a tourist – he undertook all of his voyages by foot and was extremely interested in details, making meticulous records in his charming old-fashioned Moleskine-notebooks, which he always carried with him. To this day, Höpfner has not altered his style, he has however, shifted his focus. Among the works currently shown at the Kunstraum Niederösterreich are Höpfner’s photos of tourists posing in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa. The temple was the Dalai Lama’s former residence and is now a popular destination among the Chinese. In these photos they pose as if they had conquered the site. By utilizing the 19th century technique of reduced resources Höpfner’s work strongly reminds of that era. In addition to his photos, Höpfner set up a tent manufactured of light transparent plastic foil, which is accessible to visitors. The shelter is not only meant to remind the onlooker of nomad tents but also symbolises thrown-away plastic bags that can even be found floating around the desert. Höpfner also presents slide projections: one of them displays a single picture, which is slightly hidden behind a tent; the other unfolds an extremely slow sequence of photos. This is Höpfner's plea for slowness, which corresponds with his style of travel. Kunstraum Niederösterreich 1010 Wien, Herrengasse 13, until 15.03.08

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