180208: Good Timing

KW Institute for Contemporary Art: … 5 minutes later Good Timing Sometimes one would hope that writing a review like this one would only take five minutes. After all, that is about the amount of time, revered reader, you will need to read it. But typing the words alone will not do the trick. First there are a few weighty ideas, an unerring judgement and an explanation that must be put into words – all that can take quite a while. But then there is this glaring injustice which not only affects the reviewer, but even more so the artist: the persistent “art hype”, an outcome of the vast number of exhibits, biennales and fairs, pushes him/her into the dilemma of having to satisfy the audience’s greed. The result being that some of the works really look like they were made in only five minutes… Therefore this experimental show came at exactly the right time. After a year, which was characterized by the annus mirabilis of mega art events, however, without any mega outcome. Susanne Pfeffer, curator and just recently appointed as the new head of the Kunstwerke, has taken on the role of a martinet: for this exhibit the artists were forced to complete a work of art in only five minutes. This turned out to be a real “curator’s coup”, which succeeded in making the contrast between disegno (sketch) and pittura (the completed work of art) visible. But amazingly enough the 15 artists do not feel limited by this theoretical ballast (except for Robert Barry, who, not surprising, explicitly refers to the limitation). The pressure, which is normally created by such things as expectation and perfection seem to be non-existent, allowing the release of playful energy. KW Institut for Contemporary Art 10117 Berlin, Auguststrasse 69, until 09.03.08

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