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Kunsthalle Exnergasse: Egypted Furor and Order In the group exhibit “Egypted” long-gone advertising labels of branded articles stuck on lacquered wood are displayed in Michaela Eichwald's murals “Stay Tuned”. No matter if they advertise a mocha-liqueur or the former German capital Bonn, what they have in common is the sunken utopias of an optimistic 20th century future-believing society. “Egypted” is a word created by the curator Will Benedict. He purposely wants to leave the onlooker in the dark with his sphinx-like information policy. But Claude Cahun’s surrealistic photo series “Je tend les bras” (1931) could be seen as the key to the exhibit. It vaguely reminds of the ancient Egyptian gesticulation of two women’s arms, whose bodies are captured in stone. The majority of the other contributions are involved with social classification and sedimentation as well as an increasingly contradictory understanding of Modernism: Wolfgang Breuer’s industrial perforated metal plates, all scarred by scratches and rust, making the dialectic of undaunted belief in the future and decay visible. Mark Leckey’s example of art in public places not only clearly show internal trends between figuration and abstraction, but also sharpens the eye for artistic aberrations and obsolete aesthetic concepts of the last decades. Benedict, an artist himself, proved his individuality by displaying a conglomeration of difficult artistic positions ranging from “stars” like Richard Artschwager to newcomers. Kunsthalle Exnergasse 1090 Wien, Währinger Strasse 59, until 01.03.08

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