030208: Galerie Barbara Preyer: Christopher Leach - Faces

Galerie Barbara Preyer: Christopher Leach – Faces The art of portraiture From a superficial standpoint one could argue that photography has made portrait painting unnecessary. But artists have always attempted to paint portraits and will most probably always continue to do so – despite photography. After all - the talent to paint a portrait that is not only a pose, but reflects the multileveled facets of a human being, is among one of the most difficult, and rarely successful, endeavours in art. This exhibit shows the work of a talented artist, who does not attempt to produce zeitgeist art, but consequently translates the theme of classical portraits. However, it is unfortunate that his large oil paintings lack intensity. The difference in quality between his only recently created pieces, which are shown on the upper floor, in comparison to those on the ground floor, is truly remarkable. This is a good example of how artistic development can become very visible and how important Lucien Freud was as an inspiring example. But in comparison to Freud, Christopher Leach does not manage to let us have a look behind the facades of the faces. We are shown the masks of everyday life, but this too, is definitely art. Galerie Barbara Preyer 1070 Wien, Breite Gasse 19, until 23. 02. 08

Galerie Barbara Preyer
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