200108: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart: Match - Otto Dix and the art of portraiture

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart: Match – Otto Dix and the art of portraiture Trillhaase en famille One would be interested to know how the Trillhaase’s dealt with their family portrait. He a cross-eyed soldier, she a withered old hag, the son a flat skulled simpleton, all crowding around a dorky side table with old-fashioned little chairs in front of brocade wallpaper. The whole thing set in a lousy photo studio with yellowed laced curtains and pseudo-antique architectural décor. But Adalbert Trillhaase was an artist, a kind of German Rousseau. Trillhaase is one of many people, largely already forgotten, who we encounter on Dix’s portraits. The gay jeweller, the Saxon businessman, the dancer, and the unsuccessful author – the exhibit itself does not reveal any details about them, but we can go home and google their names. While portraits compared to other classical art forms were undervalued at that time, they played a central role for Dix. Examples that originated in the ancient world, and foremost German Renaissance portraits by Cranach and Hans Burgkmair, are also exhibited at the Kunstmuseum. In addition you can see numerous portraits created by Dix’s colleagues, among them celebrities such as Kanoldt, Schlichter, Kirchner, and Hubbuch or the less known unconventional expressionists such as Hanns Ludwig Katz and Carl Lohse or a posthumous portrait by the Brücke-artist Otto Mueller painted by the constructivist Johannes Molzahn. One could do without the contemporary art exhibit on the third floor showing works by Bacon, Warhol, Richter, Thomas Ruff, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Rineke Dijkstra. There is no relevance of their work to the topic portraits. But all in all it is a highly recommendable exhibit, widely acclaimed by the numerous visitors. Kunstmuseum Stuttgart 70173 Stuttgart, Kleiner Schlossplatz 1, until 06. 04. 2008

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