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Hofstätter projects Maurizio Nannucci 15.10.2014 – 28.02.2015 Ring of chairs and chandelier line by Nina Schedlmayer The presentation of contemporaries in the museums for ancient art is booming. Not always to mutual advantage – there is the frequent danger that bare banality will emerge. However, when someone like Ed Ruscha grapples with objects in the Art and Kunst- und Wunderkammer in the Kunsthistorische Museumt (Museum of Fine Arts) , when Pae White re-arranges toys from the MAK collection, then one sees: it can also succeed. Anton Hofstätter, son of the art dealer Reinhold Hofstätter who died in 2013, also had as similar and singular idea last spring. Besides being an art dealers in Vienna's inner city, the latter owned an apparently multitudinous collection of works of art, arts-and-crafts objects and other artefacts that were taken over by Anton after Reinhold's death. Now this artist is inviting us to address them; currently, it is Edelbert Köb, former MUMOK director, who is responsible for curating the exhibition, the gallery room in the Dorotheergasse was Hofstätter's first premises. That Köb invited Maurizio Nannucci for the first show turned out to be relevant on two accounts. Firstly, the neon signs emphasize the architecture with its high rooms, with their partially surprising insights; secondly, his sentence "all art has been contemporary" can be viewed as a paradigm for such crossover projects. But even that lettering is missing in the exhibition; Nannucci often utilizes it and preferred to think up something new. Other lines of text such as "No single object is innocent" appear at first to echo just such obvious wisdoms; first, the exhibition room, and particularly this one here, charges itself with meaning. For his installation, Nannucci additionally chooses furniture from the era of the Wiener Moderne and arranges it in geometric figures which form printed characters: chairs form a circle, chandeliers are in a line, tables are scattered in squares or triangles. And as further references to the time – and the recent past – loose texts by Adolf Loos, Ludwig Wittgenstein or Friedrich Achleitner. Hofstätter Projekte 1010 Vienna, Dorotheergasse 14 Tel: +43 1 890 18 68 email: office@hofstaetter-projekte.com http://www.hofstaetter-projekte.com/ Opening hours: Tue - Fri 11-18 hours, Sat 10-13 hours

Hofstätter Projekte
1010 Wien, Dorotheergasse 14
Tel: +43 1 890 18 68
Email: office@hofstaetter-projekte.com
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 11-18, Sa 10-13 h

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