061014: Künstlerahus Wien Paraflows.9 – Intimacy

Künstlerahus Wien Paraflows.9 – Intimacy 12.09.2014 – 12.10. 2014 Frankie wants to know it By Margareta Sandhofer The ninth edition of the Festival for digital Art and Cultures, under the direction of Judith Fegerl and Günther Friesinger, presents 16 artistic positions in Vienna's Künstlerhaus. The theme is INTIMACY, the private sphere, its actual disposition with its possibilities in the surroundings characterized by digital nets, under the circumstances of the all-present and permanent availability, but also inescapability. The artistic approaches are very different and polymorphic, the more personal the involvement with the difficulty, the more exhilarating the result. If the respective aspect that has been singled out in the context of general attachment, such as, for example, the simultaneity and interweaving of private and public data traffic in social networks, or the traced accumulation of identical passwords in the internet, and is not reflexively pushed further from a personal perspective, the result contains a rather scant epistemic value of an exercise admittedly tried but yet illustrative. Such exhibits are also to be found in the paraflows .9. Truly more daring is the experimental performance by Jos Diegel, which he realized in 2013 together with Lisa Schröter. The two hardly knew each other and met in San Francisco to play at having a relationship for the duration of a week. . As an artificial construction, the relationship turned out to be no different from reality, respectively the concept of the relationship became relativized and was exposed as a performance. With this work, an effect was attained that wanted to lay claim to another exhibit, a self-reflexion of the beholders: the reception of the play "Vincent and Emily" (Carolin Liebl + Nikolaus Schmid-Pfähler; 2013), in which two robots that react to one another and to the environs via sensors as one budding pair in a relationship, hardly goes beyond an amusing voyeurism. Funny, but more profound is "Frankie" (Maayan Scheleff; 2013): the inquisitive computer wants to learn about the essence of humanity from the visitors. These are invited to present the interview through Frankie. "Frankie" reacts to them in an apparently emotional manner through movements captured by cameras on a screen and verbally with blunt directness and incomparable tenacity. Marlene Haring developed her video installation "Photoboothautograph" 2009. She fills an entire room with loosely distributed screens which show her person with different facial expressions each time. Two diverging photos about one definite mimic or gesticulation change with one another in a loop. Michael Heindl's activistic undertaking, "The Same Old Story" (2012) based on the experience of his having come upon his unlocked car in a parking lot in which the radio was turned on loudly. He recorded the telephone conversation which he later had with the police about the disconcerting fact and then multiplied a variation of this situation in a public space: He searched for other unlocked cars and, in their CD players, put a CD with a recording of the conversation with the police and turned the volume up to maximum. The video presented in paraflows .9 captures the essential passages in focused cuttings of his intervention and distribution in the public space. Heindl's invasion into the strange, private spheres of cars is licentious, yet humorous. Künstlerhaus Wien 1010 Vienna, Karlsplatz 5 Tel: +43 1 587 96 63 E-mail: office@k-haus.at http://www.k-haus.at Opening hours: daily 10-18 hours

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